If you’ve reached this page it’s with the sudden realization that yes, in fact, I am not a god.

Sorry to disappoint you, but I can’t know all, see all, do all or even think all. While in my capacity as Tabz I am extremely awesome, I am (however) not a god.

This one time Jack Plotnick and I decided to be gods, but he realized he’d just smite me so I stopped plotting to be a god and just was awesome instead.

if you received this site here’s some notable things of note:

1. You must tell me if you’re mad at me. For all intents and purposes I shall not consider you upset unless you tell me. Also connected with this point is the fact that Tabz is not a mind-reader. Please be clear, concise and (whenever possible) reference something geeky so I am assured of clear understanding.

2. I have faith/hope/love for the folks that work with me, therefore I do not exercise obessive compulsive control over all of my podcasts. I’m fully willing and able to share the glory and credit for anything done by my group of minions and/or cult members.

3. While I am the head of the aforementioned “Cult of Tabz,” this does not grant me any special powers other than being worshipped by a group of folks who only follow my instructions half of the time.

4. There are other things that I am not, but I didn’t have enough money to buy all the URLs. So Tabz is also not a dog, male, a shapeshifter, a lover of lying, a perpetual motion machine, a 3D squirrel or stoned, high or drunk.

5. While I do love the attention you are giving to this page it’s probably time for something much cooler than this. So click on over to another part of the site or leave!

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