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My Jack or why you should adopt a pet

I know it’s cliche to be a single cat lady who writes posts about her pet. So sue me, sometimes I fall squarely into the cliche category. That said today I was sharing with one of my coworkers how awesome my pet was. Jack the kitten has been very happy to have me home and […]

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Farewell Myboyfriend

There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats. – Albert Schweitzer Anyone who has known me for more than two seconds knows about my love of cats. I am told when I was two years old if I would see a cat I would bounce in my stroller and […]

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There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats. – Albert Schweitzer There’s no good way to say it, no way at all really. Tigger died today. The words leave a burning lump in my throat, even typing the does. Most of you know Tigger, he was one of the […]

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I'm the Housekeeper to Two Awesome Cats

I swear to goodness I am not one of those people who treat my pets as anything more than pets. But I do love my pets. I’ve been thinking for quite awhile about both my cats – especially after recording them for the Evil League of Evil contest. What have I learned? They’re two very […]

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Cats and Apartment Hunting Sometimes Don’t Mix

So, I’ve been looking for an apartment. I’d like to move out of my parents by April, but California landlords seem a LOT more jumpy about having pets in their apartments than Chicago ones were. Granted my three different apartments in Chicago ALL required a pet deposit, but still – these rentals are so no […]

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I’m stressed this week. So you get another LOL cat from 🙂

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This totally reminds me of my cat… he’s very helpful like that. Snagged from I Can Haz a Cheeseburger

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There’s no place I can be…

So my apartment is packed and pretty much empty. I’ve said goodbye to most of my friends. My cats have been certified to travel. I got my glasses fixed. We’re flying to Los Angeles tomorrow and I’m pretty excited. I have an interview on Wednesday for a freelance web design job. I’m tired. It’s hard […]

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I feel like lately I’ve been bursting with things to talk about… but no time to talk about them. Or I don’t think about it when I actually am at a computer. It’s a weird feeling. I have WAY too much to do before this move. Someone hire me a personal secretary. I’m working on […]

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My cat is demented.

No seriously, I think he is. For the past week he’s been keeping me up at night. Why? I’m not entirely sure. Cat/human conversations are limited. All I can say is it’s getting really annoying. I want to sleep.

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