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Wanna make Tabz day? "Hi Tabz!" napkins!

So, awhile back my good friend Clay got me this awesome photo of one of my all-time favorite authors – Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket of “A Series of Unfortunate Events”). I love it so much and I dug it out the other day to show someone and realized that I totally want a collection […]

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Argh (or why Kathy Griffin inspired me to make a faith-based post)

I’m not really one to keep up with news and media. I found it either made me angry or depressed AND if it was something really important, I’d find out from a friend or loved one. That’s simply to explain why I haven’t written about this yet. I firmly believe in the rights of all […]

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I can’t believe this….

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Pimping one of my favorite artists…

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Nathan Fillion – Drive

“Nathan Fillion – Drive” on Google Video Drive trailer – Nathan Fillion

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AWwwwhhhness (Alyson and Alexis)

Aren’t they cute?!Thanks to Whedonesque for the link

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It’s official… Joss is off of Wonder Woman…

PUBLIC OUTRAGE MAY COMMENCE NOW!!!!! Joss jumped on Whedonesque to tell everyone he is off the project (it might crash so I’m telling you this). edit: this is one of my favorite quotes of the back and forth going on at Whedonesque… BlueEyedBrigadier: I would be psyched for anything you made, even a PSA about […]

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Nathan Interview…

Again, if you’re not reading – you need to crawl out of your grave and start reading…. but I snagged this from there… shiny interview with our beloved Nathan (aka Mal) Sundance Interview

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Valentine’s Day movie with Emma Caulfield

This is shiny news! Snagged from Whedonesque.

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Happy Birthday Stephanie Romanov!

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