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Will I Sing Hallelujah? Will I Be Able to Speak at All?

This past week a long-time friend of our family passed away. I’d known him since I was six, he was one of the elders of our church in Pico Rivera. He had a laugh that made you want to laugh with him. He loved his family (including his five grandchildren) and he loved God. It […]

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Where is the Line with You? – Christianity and Family Guy

Now, I’ll be the very first person to say that I think many things about Christianity should be made fun of and made fun of on a regular basis. I also think many things about traditional media, the news, the office of the president, “serious art” and the like should also be made fun of […]

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And so this is Christmas…

Christmas is coming. Unless you’ve been locked in the basement for the past month you can’t help but notice the oncoming holiday storm that is Christmas. Decorations, gifts, advertisement, stores, songs, even our cars have been decked out for the holidays. It seems to me that Christmas messages can usually only go to the extremes. […]

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Argh (or why Kathy Griffin inspired me to make a faith-based post)

I’m not really one to keep up with news and media. I found it either made me angry or depressed AND if it was something really important, I’d find out from a friend or loved one. That’s simply to explain why I haven’t written about this yet. I firmly believe in the rights of all […]

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Conversations with the Almighty (fanfic)

Title: Conversations with the Almighty Author: Tabitha sl_podcast Rating: G Word Count: 304 Prompt: Before Characters/Pairing (if any): Giles, God Author’s Note: Yes, I’m a Christian but this story is just in good clean fun…. Written for still_grrr (clicky here for the post on still_grrr)

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Everything I ever wanted?

It’s not the first time I’ve seen it, probably won’t be the last time, but I find myself once again standing on the outside watching a relationship slowly decombust. A very happy couple going way south. I believe it’s natural, it’s the way life is supposed to be. You’re not supposed to just find someone, […]

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that’s Tabz with a Z

Alright… can we all do this together…. TABZ T A B Z yes.. Z tabs looks like I’m a keyboard piece. yes I freak out about weird things, deal with me here people 😉 In other news, I’m still at work. Why? because I think I’m a closet maschoist. It’s holiday season and we’re up […]

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