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have public schools outlived their usefulness?

There was a very interesting article about the “usefulness” of public schools. I will say it is an opinion piece and I realize that, but the headline itself made me think. The idea of public education isn’t entirely “new” but the idea of private, individualized education is older and more established. I don’t believe homeschooling […]

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So, according to a group of highschool graduates are being denied their diplomas because (now get this…) people cheered for them. … I can’t even begin to express how stupid this is. The school withheld the diplomas (just the paper diploma, not the actual transcripts – they still graduated) because of a policy that’s […]

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I feel like lately I’ve been bursting with things to talk about… but no time to talk about them. Or I don’t think about it when I actually am at a computer. It’s a weird feeling. I have WAY too much to do before this move. Someone hire me a personal secretary. I’m working on […]

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Kids and media

I read on our wonderful little kiosk screens in the elevator the other day that kids spend more time watching tv than they do read or being read to. Now, while this shouldn’t surprise me – it kind of did. I will agree that TV for kids has grown leaps and bounds. I love shows […]

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I’m hungry. Isn’t it weird when you’re hungry you can’t concentrate on anything else? I mean, you can, but your brain keeps going back to “hungry!” I’m having a fun time with Flat Stanley. Clicky here to see the pages I’m designing for his visit. If you don’t know about Flat Stanely it’s a school […]

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The old homeschool vs. public school debate

I loved being homeschooled. I’m glad my parents chose it for me. I’m glad my mother was so patient and put all the time and effort into it that she did. I’m glad my father worked so hard to make money to pay for it. That said, I fully realize that homeschooling is not a […]

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Yay for homeschoolers!

There’s been a lot of news in recent history about colleges embracing homeschoolers and making it easier for them to attend. When I went to Moody I had to take BOTH the SAT and the ACT (while traditional students just had to take the SAT). If I thought that was a hurdle, a lot of […]

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Perfect SAT Score…

Shreesh Prasad is the only Nevada state student to score a perfect on his test.

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Silent lunch?

A Roman Catholic elementary school adopted a “silent” lunch policy after three recent choking incidents. Silent means the kids can whisper – but other than that they have to be silent. The school says it’s because the lunch room could become very noisy and the teachers were unable to hear the child choking. I’m sorry, […]

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Are Boys the Weaker Sex?

Are Boys the Weaker Sex? Based on article by the same title in Reader’s Digest, February 2002 “We are experiencing a crisis of the boy next door,” according to Willima Pollack, a clinical psychology at Harvard Medical School and author of Real Boys (112). According to article there is a strange paradox between the aggressive […]

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