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Cosplaying Resources

This past weekend I taught a class on cosplaying without sewing skills and I did a handout of where to go and what to do for making cosplays! Here’s the list: Purchase Sites • Amazon • Her Universe • Hot Topic • Etsy • EZCosplay • Darling Army • WishRent ( Where […]

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Doctor Who… A Story of Hope

But it was, it was a better life. I don’t mean all the travelling and seeing aliens and spaceships and things. That don’t matter. The Doctor showed me a better way of living your life. You know, he showed you too. You don’t just give up. You don’t just let things happen. You make a […]

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Hey fans, you’re more than a cash machine…

The other day I was browsing Her Universe. I love Her Universe. They have some really great geeky girl clothing. They have some great pieces in larger sizes, but not all of their clothes are and, lately, a lot less of it has been in sizes I can wear. For example this scoop tee, which […]

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The power of good people… and geeks.

I believe in the power of doing good. I believe that’s why we’re put on the earth. If you’re not doing something good, then what’s the point? Life is just consumerism and sadness. Today showed me how great people can be… really great, when they’re 100% uncaring of who knows. But I get ahead of […]

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Why do you keep yelling about geek girls… because you keep being dumb.

Okay, so the title was meant to be a clever play on Joss’ Equality Now speech.  So, whatever if it didn’t quite work. Being a geek has traditionally been a more male-dominated subculture. It’s not bad or good — it just is. Genres like SciFi, Fantasy, and their ilk were traditional by men for men. […]

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Maybe You’re the Problem

My first experience with a comic book store was when one opened up next to our grocery store when I was still in elementary school. It was a magical place in my mind. Until then, I only thought of comic books as coming FROM grocery stores (remember those days guys?). The owner didn’t care that […]

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Geek Girls Got Far to Go…. (or why I’m a feminist without burning down the town)

I’ve been very fortunate in my experiences of being a geek girl to have a very supportive experience most of the time. My first time in a comic book store was when I was a kid and no one made fun of me for buying Barbie comics. When I went back for the Buffy comic […]

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Gen Con Made Me Cry…. (in a good way)

I’m a geek girl through and through. I believe strongly in embracing your inner geek. I believe in Buffy, I believe in Star Wars, I believe in Star Trek, I believe in Sherlock Holmes, I believe in comic books and games. I believe in being obsessive, fan girling out (or fan boying out), I believe […]

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Why You Need to Stop Stalking Celebs and Enjoy Your Friends

So recently Wil Wheaton reposted a blog that he had written back in 2007 about fans staking out where he was to ambush him for autographs. Apparently they had done the same type of behavior at an airport he was at recently. I’ve been mulling over the whole thing for a couple days now, especially […]

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Tabz’ Adventures at ComicCon – Day 2: Thursday

  The Doctor and the TARDIS Did you miss Day 1? Click here. After a “not enough sleep night,” Kim and I woke up by 8am to get ready for our big cosplay day. My awesome friend Sheree and her friend Maya run a hair/makeup business in San Diego and so they came over did […]

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