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Cosplaying Resources

This past weekend I taught a class on cosplaying without sewing skills and I did a handout of where to go and what to do for making cosplays! Here’s the list: Purchase Sites • Amazon • Her Universe • Hot Topic • Etsy • EZCosplay • Darling Army • WishRent ( Where […]

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Hey fans, you’re more than a cash machine…

The other day I was browsing Her Universe. I love Her Universe. They have some really great geeky girl clothing. They have some great pieces in larger sizes, but not all of their clothes are and, lately, a lot less of it has been in sizes I can wear. For example this scoop tee, which […]

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Fandom. Let’s talk about copyright and that cunning hat.

  Copyright and the fandom have never been great friends. I understand, some of my favorite things in the fandom are not-technically allowed. Things like fanfiction, fan art, fanvids etc. These things expand our fandom, bring new fans in and, in general, keep the fandom alive. I know all this, it’s a fantastic thing to […]

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Review of Whimsic Alley and The Doctor Who Ball

Anyone who has known me for more than five minutes on social media knows of my deep and abiding love for the British TV show, Doctor Who. So it’s no surprise when the local store, Whimsic Alley, announced on Goldstar that they were having a Doctor Who ball on April 13th, that I snapped up tickets for […]

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A ComicCon (or other convention) Explanation For Those Who Don’t Understand

As I decompress from ComicCon I find myself faced with a resounding question from people who have never been to a convention or have no desire to go: why? Around that is the why spend the time? why dress up? why spend the money THERE? It’s not easy to not take that question personally. I’ve […]

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Why we convene like this…

Recently a school friend, Amye, posted a “Goodbye Letter” to gradschool (the same program I’m in). I’ve been thinking about it a lot recently, especially in light of my own hopeful graduation this June. In the letter Amye touches on how fantastic it is to go to residency (we go once in January and once […]

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Alright I give…

I’m probably going to have to turn in my Whedon fangirl badge for this, but after reading everything I could get my hands on, from articles, to interviews to fan sites I’ve decided the majority must be right: Dollhouse just isn’t a great show. I’m an extremely open-minded person. I think my ability to put […]

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It’s the end of the world as we know it…

…and I feel fine! I’m gonna be on another panel at DragonCon! “My God Is Smitier Than Your God: Apocalypse in Theology and Mythology” panel on Saturday at 4pm for the Apocalypse Rising Track. If you can’t join JM and Juliet – swing on over Powered by ScribeFire.

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Media…is my thing.

So, I’ve been working overtime. The site for Buffy: Between the Lines is up. You can hear our very first teaser promo/skit written/edited together by me. The voice actors are one of the writers and her husband and a fellow podcaster. I’m getting pumped to share what people are writing… it’s still a ways off, […]

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I designed this for work. We watch TV during the lunch hour…. Next week we’re doing the “best of Buffy”: click here to see

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