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Merry Christmas… here’s to many more (Dec 2013)

My BFF Kim and I dressed up as The Doctor and The TARDIS (from the TV show Doctor Who) at San Diego Comic-Con 2013 To all my friends and family (and random strangers on the internet), Here’s to an amazing Christmas 2013! I had a pretty crazy (and pretty amazing) 2013. Here’s some the highlights. […]

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Some bunny will love a green Easter basket

a guest post from Easter brings thoughts of spring and rebirth, so there’s no reason not to celebrate it with the Earth’s best interest at heart. Since for many families, Easter wouldn’t be the day without the basket, here’s how to transform¬†this traditional hit,¬†into a gift that truly is worth celebrating. Instead of buying […]

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Christmas – You're on Notice

Dear Christmas, You went by too fast and I spent most of you feeling like my head was three sizes too large. As a result not all of my Christmas cards got mailed nor did I get to do my usual fun things for my online friends AND my secret santa present is horribly late. […]

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I Made it Through the Year and I Did Not Even Collapse

I’ve never been a big “New Year’s” celebrator. I blame that on the fact that my life goes by so fast, and always has. I have, on and off, contemplated this fact as a child and a teenager. I point to the idea that I can’t ever really remember being ‘bored’. Plus, being a Christian […]

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And so this is Christmas…

Christmas is coming. Unless you’ve been locked in the basement for the past month you can’t help but notice the oncoming holiday storm that is Christmas. Decorations, gifts, advertisement, stores, songs, even our cars have been decked out for the holidays. It seems to me that Christmas messages can usually only go to the extremes. […]

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Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day f-list people! May your relationships be more fortunate than those of Joss Whedon’s characters.

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Oh yes…. Here I come!

Here comes Sl_podcast! Here comes Sl_podcast! Right down Sl_podcast Lane! Here Comes Santa Clausfrom the Christmas Song Generator. Get your own song :

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