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I’ll even let you borrow my mom…

April 30th is the birthday of my mom. It’s a special day, mostly because my mom’s the best. I know it’s cliche for someone to say that about their mother, but I can’t help it – it’s true. Let me tell you a little bit about my mom. My mother and I haven’t always gotten […]

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Father's Day 2009: Call it a Halmark Moment if You Must…

There’s probably not a lot (positive wise) you can say about your dad without seeming schmultzy. I mean, Father’s Day is full of cards, books, mugs, ties, inspiring calendars and various other dust-collecting knick-knacks that experess deep sentiment in new cliches. Sometimes that makes it hard to really get to the heart of why one […]

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There’s a John Mayer song called “Daughters” and the resounding chorus line is “fathers be good to your daughters, daughters will love like you do…” When I opened this post to talk about Father’s Day, the line was stuck in my head. My father has been very good to this daughter. I adore my father. […]

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Text vs. spoken communication

Now, I’ve been online for over… crap over ten years. So I have a good feeling for the difference between text vs. spoken vs. actually in person communication, but sometimes even I can forget the difference. I realized it tonight when talking to my mom. I’ve been really digging the podcast Comedy4Cast. It’s short, hilarious […]

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Kids and media

I read on our wonderful little kiosk screens in the elevator the other day that kids spend more time watching tv than they do read or being read to. Now, while this shouldn’t surprise me – it kind of did. I will agree that TV for kids has grown leaps and bounds. I love shows […]

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My parents… (ha)

My parents just got back to the States (they’re in NY) from going to Israel. So my mom leaves me a nice “we’re back, we’re good, we’re tired, we’ll call you tomorrow” voicemail. And then she goes, “Oh, we got you just wanted you wanted. A nice Jewish boy. Dad arranged an arranged marriage for […]

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My dad’s book!

Click here to order. In His Image is the next step for those who have read The Purpose Driven Life. Following the Life Purpose of Mission, this book explores God’s great love for humanity from every book of the Bible. From the creation of Genesis to the culmination in Revelation, God’s love shines through every […]

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Navigating Media for Parents

   “I had no idea!” Surprises are fun most of the time. A surprise birthday party, winning the lottery, your best friend’s engagement to the perfect guy – these are all good surprises. But there are also those “not-so-good” surprises.  And all too often one of those occurs when parents actually see the video games, […]

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Vaccinations To Do or Not to Do….

This video is from the TV show House MD, the BEST argument I’ve seen in the whole vaccination debate.

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Latching on…

I’ve written a couple entires dealing with "helicopter parents". This is a term referring to parents who seem to hover around their child even after they’ve left the house for college and so on. These parents deal directly with professors, line up job interviews and then complain when their child doesn’t get the right grade […]

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