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Angel Between the Lines – Coming October 5, 2009!

Make sure you’re subscribed via iTunes. Or RSS in your favorite feed reader. Or LiveJournal. Or Subscribe to Angel Between The Lines by Email There’s a lot of stuff coming out on the blog, so you may want to be subscribed via email to get everything!!

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Yolanda Smith Dumped on The Crypt

My story, co-written with Scott Sigler, was posted last night! Check it out here. It wasn’t quite where I was going with the character, but we all know that Scott Sigler is the dark overlord 😀

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Amazon Rush Days Aren’t Dead (They’re Just Pinning for the Fjords)

Okay, lemme sum it up. For those of you who don’t know several podcast novelists have, in the past, had a “rush Amazon day”. These are not unique to podcast novelists (I’ve seen many for smaller indie bands and books) – but they are a marketing strategy to sell books and give author’s clout (“I […]

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Slouching Towards New Hollywood by Removing ‘Pod’

NewTeeVee has posted an interview with Ron Bloom, CEO of Mevio, explaining his company’s decision to change its name from PodShow. His main point is that podcasting is cool, but “podcasting was associated with amateurs… When in reality podcasting is an incredibly effective platform for delivering episodic content fresh off the press.” This is part […]

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