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Yolanda Smith Dumped on The Crypt

My story, co-written with Scott Sigler, was posted last night! Check it out here. It wasn’t quite where I was going with the character, but we all know that Scott Sigler is the dark overlord 😀

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You Ain’t Nobody Until You’ve Been Added in a Novel…

I got several very strange Twitter messages today all leading up to me realizing that I’m now a character in Scott Sigler’s Nocturnal. Not only that, I’m an awesome character. I’ve had many awesome things in my life and this is one of the awesomest. If you haven’t heard Nocturnal yet – go listen. Warning: […]

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The Podenstein Monster Will be Unleashed on 9/23/07

(from a press release) Victor Podenstein is a young, handsome, and brilliant doctor. He has a passion for podcasting, but a voice best for a mime. So he goes off to create the perfect podcasting voice. Dr. Podenstein soon finds that his creation has a life of its own. And then things go terribly wrong. […]

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Phil Rossi’s Crescent Station rocks!

Just a note before I go on: the content is for mature audiences only.

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Daring Daylight Escape…

The above is a song lyric, don’t ask me why but I get random things stuck in my head from time to time. It has, however, absolutely nothing to do with my blog post. Busy people. I believe every one I know is extremely busy. And I applaud them whenever they find a way to […]

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If you haven’t seen Ask a Ninja – you don’t know what you’re missing. Ask a Ninja is a video podcast that is HILARIOUS, relevant and really fun. Well seems to know that podcasting is “in” and hired Ask a Ninja! They’re sponsering his video podcast. AWESOME.

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You might be a podcaster if…

I want to create a tshirt for podcasters with a funny list of “you might be a podcaster if…” references. Anyone have some ideas? Like.. You might be a podcaster if… you actually don’t think a “pop filter” is for soda. That was pretty lame.

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Text vs. spoken communication

Now, I’ve been online for over… crap over ten years. So I have a good feeling for the difference between text vs. spoken vs. actually in person communication, but sometimes even I can forget the difference. I realized it tonight when talking to my mom. I’ve been really digging the podcast Comedy4Cast. It’s short, hilarious […]

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Scheaming…. I’m enjoying working on projects again. My latest one is a Buffy audio drama (in podcast form). I have a bunch of writers/editors/etc. and that should be out this fall (that’s what I’m shooting for at least). Now I’m plotting doing a combined video/audio podcast with a totally original story/cast/etc. I am gonna ask […]

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Joe Murphy – Rest in Peace

via the gravevine, from Cheyenne (Arcane Times) How do I feel about this? Anya summed it up beautifully in “The Body”: But I don’t understand! I don’t understand how this all happens. How we go through this. I mean, I knew her, and then she’s, there’s just a body, and I don’t understand why she […]

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