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Merry Christmas 2016 – Tabz’s Christmas Letter

Dear family and friends, I can’t believe it’s already time to post something like this. It feels like just yesterday it was Christmas. Or at least a couple months ago. 2015 has been a year of immense change. Not all of it happy, but it’s been an amazing journey. Last year at this time, my […]

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We Need Solutions, Not Scapegoats: Love in the Time of a Confederate Flag

I was in high school when Columbine happened. It was a tragedy that hit close to home because, with just a few different choices in my parents’ lives, I might be one of those kids running out of the school or lying dead. I still vividly remember for months after the shooting people formulating the […]

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Time is Too Short: Lessons from a Death in the Family

This past month has been draining. With Grandpa getting sick on the 18th of January up until his memorial on the 9th (I just got back yesterday from being at my aunt’s from Sunday until now) — I’m officially spent! Here’s some things I’ve learned though: 1. Take lots of pictures with folks you love. […]

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The Days You Remember

My friend P.G. Holyfield passed away this week. He went from well to sick in a matter of days. It was way too fast and way too shocking for me. There were patches of time since I heard the news on Sunday that I’ve been okay. Patches of time where I laughed and felt like […]

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This one time at zombie camp…

Last Monday I got to be a background extra for a 360 indie horror film. My old (and amazing) boss Kim Evey invited me (and any friends I wanted to bring along) to participate. It was a blast. It’s not my first rodeo being an extra. Lisa and I got to be background for an […]

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Don’t believe every stupid thought in your head…

Depression and your brain are the worst. They really are. I’ve been thinking about it a lot because I know so many people who struggle with it. And we don’t talk about it nearly enough as a society. Regardless of a lot of strives we’ve made as a community in accepting each other’s flaws – […]

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On any given day…

Emotions are weird, aren’t they? On any given day you can go from extremely happy to extremely miserable in a heartbeat. And, most of the time, there’s no way to control it. Your head can say, “hey, what happened dude, we were so happy a minute ago” and your heart goes, “SHUT UP AND GIVE […]

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Do yourself a favor kid, take the train

I don’t drive. I know, gasp shocking. At least it’s shocking to most people in Los Angeles. “You don’t drive?” I swear I’m going to get a card printed to explain why I don’t drive. But this isn’t about driving. This is about commuting. I commute back and forth from the office on the days […]

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Humans are absorbent… and squishy

Last night I was catching up on my Colbert viewing (Hulu is a lifesaver because I don’t always have time to watch my favorite shows) and the whole “Santa is white” debacle was featured. It struck me the first time it came up as extremely stupid (and shades of racism), but now it kind of […]

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I was so alone… and I owe you so much.

I’ll be completely honest. I’m having a rough start to 2014. After a lovely holiday with family and time off from work — I’m struggling to stay hopeful. I usually keep quiet when I’m struggling – maybe talk to some friends, but Nutty got me thinking about how people are usually positive in social media […]

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