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Is there too much content?

We’ve been talking a lot in my new office about what things we like. I, of course, being a geek like TV shows, YouTube series, podcasts, books, comics and it’s ilk. They ask me about XYZ TV show that they like and I realize that I’ve fallen tremendously behind because it’s a CBS show and […]

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The Social Aspects of the iPad

Much ado has been made over the isolationism of technology. I’ve read probably four articles in the last month about how technology destroys social interaction and small talk. The number one piece of tech getting the abuse is Apple’s iPad. I’ve had my own 3G iPad for a little over two months now and I […]

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Green Ball 2009 HD Webcast TONIGHT

rom Washington D.C., Monday, January 19th at 10:15pm Eastern, the Sold-Out Green Inaugural Ball 2009 will be webcast to the world in HD. The broadcast will be seen on sites across the web including here, and The event showcases the movers and shakers in the green movement and political arenas. Chaired by Al […]

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Talk Shoe launching a phone service..

This was just too good to pass up. TalkShoe, a service I have used in the past for live “call-in” podcasts. They’ve started a new service call ShoePhone… And I think “Get Smart”. Here’s the press release if you want to know

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Darn you WORD (and Microsoft)

Warning: this might sound like an elitist MAC oriented rant (‘cuz it is) I don’t think I’m an extraordinarly hard to please person. I’m a simple kind of girl. I think shopping at Target is a major luxery. Yet, I want things to work. And work properly. As many of you who read this know, […]

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Virtually friends…

So apparently my body is trying to tell me to slow down. On Monday it crashed hard. I had been feeling sick since Friday but thought it was food posioning or the flu. Sunday I was feeling better, went to church and what not, woke up Monday and started throwing up again. Then, later that […]

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Yes, I’m a MAC girl…

But this was pretty darn hilarious. I’m an iBook flipper…

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Ohhh the internets…

So I was channel surfing the other day (this whole “cable television” thing is new and strange since I haven’t had it for awhile myself) and stumbled across a PBS documentary about social networking. Since I’m interested in that I decided to watch, but realized that everyone looked VERY 90’s in the footage. Intregued I […]

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Text vs. spoken communication

Now, I’ve been online for over… crap over ten years. So I have a good feeling for the difference between text vs. spoken vs. actually in person communication, but sometimes even I can forget the difference. I realized it tonight when talking to my mom. I’ve been really digging the podcast Comedy4Cast. It’s short, hilarious […]

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Wanna keep track of your friends and family? Twitter is a pretty cool site I’m enjoying it  immensily. You can use text messages or the website to keep short messages about what you’re doing during the day.

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