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fanTABZulous #63 – Dog Days of Podcasting Day 2: Working at the Library

What’s Tabz been up to?

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There’s always more work…

Today I was listening to a Rascal Flatts song where the chorus goes, “why wait another minute for something we should have done yesterday?” Technically, it’s a song about getting married, but it jogged around some thoughts in my head that have been stirred up recently. You see my name is Tabz, and I’m a […]

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Fiction: Ninjas Wanted – Apply Within (Chapter 3)

Ninjas Wanted – Apply Within By Tabitha Grace Smith Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 Charles wasn’t sure what he was expecting when he entered the large glass office building. Whatever he was anticipating it wasn’t anything close to this. Yuri ushered him into a richly decorated lobby area. It was all dark woods and red […]

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fanTABZulous Episode #032 – Dog Days of Podcasting 2013 Day 25: Buffy is to Blame For it All

Late night Saturday thoughts about how Buffy really changed my life.

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2012 wasn’t the most auspicious year on record. At least, it didn’t start out that way. My theme song for the year had the refrain, “I am going to make it through this year, if it kills me.” And life threw a lot of icky things my way. My last trip to PA for my […]

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Art – Just do it.

I’ve been chewing a lot on the idea about writing and my philosophy of writing. I have a lot of friends who are amazingly talented and struggling in today’s economy and that, in my opinion, is a giant shame. Especially when there’s people out there who create awful, awful things and get paid obscene amounts […]

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Happy St. Patty's Day

From Myboyfriend, Jack and me:

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"The Series"

So I’m going to be working on a webseries and am looking for some people to help write and come up with concepts. If you’re interested shoot me an email.

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Haven’t been here in awhile

So life is crazy, but that isn’t anything new. This holiday I really took a break from pretty much everything. Christmas – New Years was very relaxing. I had to work a bit between Christmas and New Years, but only two days. Other than that I really rested. Realized how much I needed it. Blogging […]

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DragonCon Update

So I am one of those bloggers who goes to a great event and usually when I come back I can’t write a word. So I’ll write FROM the event to let you know how awesome it’s been – even with some unpleasantness.. So I left Friday morning (California time). The first unpleasantness is our […]

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