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No words…

Back when I used to run a blog called “Stupid People Shouldn’t Breed” I had a lot of fun on BlogMad and met a lot of cool people through that site. One of the people I met was NYC Watchdog. I haven’t been keeping up with blogs like I should and I just found out […]

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My May Should be a Country Western Song…

I’ve been working long hours, even though I’m quitting.. My cat died. I’m losing my apartment (well moving.. but it’s more dramatic the other way). I screwed up an interview with podcast novel Tee Morris… …I missed the rescheduling of said interview. My favorite shirt has wax on it… and I’m too tired to salvage […]

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Interesting Article on TV Viewership

If you don’t know by now, I’m one of the people who say the way we do media is changing and NEEDS to change… this article was posted on a yahoo group I’m a part of (so I don’t know where it came from or a link) but it shows how TV viewership is changing […]

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