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Jack the Kitten is Very Sleepy

My fifth kid’s book, “Jack the Kitten is Very Sleepy” is up on Kickstarter. Jack the Kitten is the third in the series about my cats, Machu and Jack and their adventures. In this one, Jack is tired, but is convinced that pirates don’t go to bed. So Machu helps his little brother out by […]

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My book, Rise of the Undead – available on Nook & Kindle!

My book, The Rise of the Undead is now available for Nook! or for Kindle here: for only $1.99!This book is based on my MFA thesis and goes through the transformation of vampires from monsters to heroes. I talk about vampires from Dracula, Lost Boys, Anne Rice, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and everything in between. If you […]

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Sometimes, I turn my brain off…

Recently I got into a bit of a discussion on Facebook about not being hyper critical of TV shows while watching them. I mentioned that sometimes I turn my brain of when I watch TV or movies to enjoy them better. Several folks took issue with that, but I think it’s a fair choice on […]

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Female Characters Are People Too…

Apparently I’m just going to be all feminist crazed this week. ALL CRAZED. Now that you’ve been properly warned, here it goes. Last night I was watching Lord of the Rings for the umpteenth time (like geeks do). I forgot how kick-butt Arwen is when she rescues Frodo (at the beginning of the movie when […]

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What to Know Before Starting Your PhD – AWP 2012

I’m live blogging at AWP. If you’re unfamiliar, I keep updating this post as the panel goes along. Hit refresh to see more notes. The room is pretty full! A cursory look at the job listing a MFA seems insufficient to be hired for teaching. The average PhD takes five to seven years. At times […]

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Bridging the Gap of Race, Gender, & Culture in Children's & Young Adult Literature – AWP 2012

Panelists – India Drummond – “Ordinary Angels” How do you represent a culture without venturing into stereotypes? Like, I’m writing a character whose Asian, look at all these Asian things! I think it’s always about having as multi-layered character as possible. If you make unique characters you don’t have to worry about it. Never run […]

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Writing for Young Adults Panel – AWP 2012

I’m live blogging from AWP. The panel hasn’t even started yet and the room is packed. Panelists: Meg Kearney Curtis L. Crisler Helen Frost Marilyn Nelson April Lindner

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Beyond Pulp – The Futuristic & Fantastic as Literary Fiction AWP 2012

I’m live blogging at AWP. This panel is at the Red Lacquer Room in the Palmer House. Excited that they’re discussing genre writing as literary fiction. Panelist, Kate Bernheimer Brian Evenson Matthew? Kevin Brockmeier

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Women in jeopardy – crime fiction panel AWP live blog

I’m living blogging from AWP. The panel has two literary agents and three authors. Sorry I didn’t catch everyone’s name!

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Writers: Don't be *that* guy

Writers can often be their worst enemies. I’m not sure if it’s particularly true of writers or just a truth of all humans, but it seems writers can often shut doors of opportunity without trying. I’ve been contemplating this ever since I sat down to talk to an editor about several of his tactics for […]

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