Help Team Challis and Bring K Here for the Summer

Meet K. We’d like to bring him to the U.S. for the summer and make him a member of Team Challis!

Meet K!

K is 14, he lives in an orphanage in Eastern Europe, and he loves breakdancing. He is easy-going and a bit shy. Although he has been available for hosting for two times, he has never been chosen (more on what hosting is below). Teenaged boys are always, always left behind while younger kids and girls move forward to hosting or adoption. He has a sister who has already been adopted and is living in the US. At his age, this is probably his last chance to come here through a hosting program. Never chosen before, he may not be chosen again.

100,000+ kids live without families in K’s country. A developing economy and increasing conflicts cause nutritional shortages for their underfunded institutions. Kids like K get little fresh fruit or meat, let alone access to a regular, healthy diet. Pollution from the worst nuclear power disaster in the history still causes a sharp increase in the number of children born with birth defects and their abandonment rate is high. Lack of resources, access to medical care, and training has caused a large problem that many people are trying to combat, but they need help. Programs like the one that K is in give these kids access to resources to give them a better chance at surviving and thriving.

We can’t help them all.

But we can help this one. And so can you.

– Summary For Those Busy (aka tl;dr)

  • Team Challis wants to add to our family – through adoption or by giving substantive support to orphans & those with special needs!
  • The first step in that process for us will be hosting an orphan this summer.
  • We have a kid (K) who we’ll be bringing to the States in June to spend 6 weeks with us!
  • Thanks to the prayers and donations of over FIFTY people, he has a scholarship that covers a lot of his travel expenses, but we still need $860 for his trip to the States, plus your support while he’s here.
  • If you’d like to be able to make a tax-deductible donation — please message us for a link.
  • We need $860 ASAP — before May 16! 

Reservation for Challis, Party of Three….four…..five…..six….?

(Please note that this is a hosting program, and that discussions of adoption regarding our host child or other host children are strictly prohibited. While some of these children do end up being adoped by host families or other families who got to know them while they were here, mixing adoption discussions into a hosting program jeopardizes their continued success – please be careful not to mention  potential adoption in discussions about K. Thank you!)

Henry was blessed enough to be adopted – and by fantastic parents, so he has always planned to incorporate adopted kids into his family. He has worked with kids in foster care in our city. Tabitha has a huge heart for all children and a special gift for bringing people closer. Z has wanted more members of our family since before we were married! As always, we have BIG hearts, BIG ideas, BIG faith and BIG PLANS for Team Challis. We are starting with a hosting program, which is NOT an adoption program, but does connect children who are legal or social orphans with family resources.

Z is SO excited to have a summer brother. He already knows so much about K and wants to learn his native language. He has taped his photo to his bedroom wall. It’s amazing to see how happy he is about K visiting – he has taped his picture to his bedroom wall.

We want to step out in faith and love and be strong enough to pull young ones into the waiting light of our family. We have huge hearts and extra room in our house and we are saving and yard sale-ing and craft selling – we just need help with his final chunk of fundraising! 

We are great advocates for kids and would be thrilled to be able to pour love, experiences, resources, and opportunities into them and start with this special kid.

Why Eastern Europe? Why Not The US?

We’re actively pursuing many options for adoption and foster care as well as international hosting, including traditional and therapeutic foster care in the US. Hosting a kid from overseas is something we can do immediately.  Our family’s temporary care and adoptive path is for special needs and older kids who have trouble finding families – children are equally deserving, no matter their age, ability…. or nationality.

Our hearts were touched – and nearly broken – by the fate of children overseas in orphanages. While the US foster system unquestionably has its struggles, the resources and care it provides are astronomically better than those of developing nations (yes, surprisingly, some Eastern European countries are developing nations). A lot of these kids are suffering in ways we can’t imagine. 

K’s country, among others, stops providing care for orphans when they are 16. They leave the orphanage with no support system, limited skills and education, and the social stigma of being an unwanted child. To this end children from the countries we’re looking at usually wind up as heart-shattering statistics:

Within two years

  • 10% will have committed suicide.
  • 70% of the boys will be involved in crime.
  • 60% of the girls will end up in underage sex work (including human trafficking).
  • 50% of those young girls will become pregnant within those two years,
  • and 80% of their babies will end up as fodder in the same orphanage system that failed them.

How Can One Summer Help?

K will come here with nothing except the clothes on his back – there are no possessions in orphanages, so he literally owns nothing. We can show him he is cared about as an individual. As special. We will spend our time with him pouring into him emotionally, nutritionally, medically and spiritually.  Kids who are hosted get opportunities to develop life skills, family skills, feel love, have their own clothes, feel love and community. These simply are nonexistent in his current situation. While this is not an adoption program – which we need to be clear about in order for these programs to continue being approved, host families give these impossible to place kids a chance to be SEEN and KNOWN by families who may happen to be their forever families. To see them for who they are – not one in 104,000. One of a kind.
We can teach him life skills, English (while we learn his native language), faith and what it really is like to be in a family setting. He also will get great medical care (which is rare) and the opportunity to see things like his first elephant, learn to ride a bike, eat as much as he wants, have fresh fruit and vegetables and people who are embracing him. And he will bring to us a world of culture and experiences we would otherwise never know about.

Once we have hosted a kid like K, we can be in line to either adopt him or become an advocate for him. Either way, our host son will be part of our family. If he stays in his country, we can help with planning his future, keep in contact and encourage him as he grows up. We will find mentors, give him presents on holidays, scour for resources and help him every way we can, just as we would our legal kid. We can give him a better advantage that he would have had before. That’s the logistics, and it doesn’t even count the benefits of just being loved and cared about.

K also has a sister in the US that we’re hoping to arrange for him to have contact with while he is here. Once he turns 16, it’s highly unlikely he’ll get a visa to visit the US again so this could be his last chance to see her.

We know that the entire plight of orphans is overwhelming. There are so many amazing kids here in the states and overseas who need help — it’s hard to know where to start. We’re asking for you to join us and start here, with K. We may not be able to change the world, but we can change the world for K.

How can I help? 

This summer, Team Challis respectfully asks for your help so we can become an orphan’s summer family, ongoing advocate, and potential family match. We want him to know how much he’s loved by not only us, but a ton of people!

Here’s what we need:

  • $860 for his trip to the United States (this can be tax-deductible, message us to find out how).
  • $300 for immediate expenses for his trip.
  • Eye doctor appointment
  • Dentist appointment

Once K is here, he’ll need clothes and other necessities. We will post more about this as the summer goes on. Right now, we need to get him here! We would love it if you’d sign up for our e-mail list. Spam-free updates on how your prayers, donations, and care have changed K’s world.


If you don’t need your donation to be tax-deductible you can send it directly to us via Paypal, Venmo or check (message us for the address).


Venmo/Google Wallet:

*We’re using Paypal/etc. vs. another fundraising site since they take a percentage of your donation out.

Thank you!

We’re stepping out in faith this summer that this mission is the one that God wants from us. ThThere areo many people praying for K right now — we just feel so excited and blessed that we can provide him a loving family to be part of — in whatever way we can! We can’t do it without our Team Challis Tribe. You’re all amazing.